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GbR Marco Ringel, Christoph Ludwig

Pin stock card (english) incl. pins and screws

Pin stock card (english) incl. pins and screws

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With the pin hive card you not only beautify your hive, but also see at a glance how your bee colony is doing. As the owner of many beehives, it is difficult to keep track and remember the individual conditions.
The pin hive map helps you with this:
✅ You keep track of bee health by clearly documenting all relevant criteria for your colony!
✅ Finally adhesive-free: The pin-stock card cleans itself through rainwater.
✅ Save time by leaving the pins plugged in with unchanged data.
✅ Easy to use even with thick beekeeper gloves.
✅ Make it easy on yourself! While with apps, you get lost in the 100s of potential criteria, with the Pin Stock card, you document in a straightforward and minimalist way.
Show that you care about bee health by using innovative ways.
Ease of use:
The Pin-Stock card is attached to the outside of the frame. At each inspection, relevant criteria are recorded with 15 pins on the hive card. For this purpose, the pins are placed on the corresponding field of the card. All relevant items of the documentation for breeding and feed management can be quickly recorded.
Create history:
After work is done at the apiary, wash your hands and take photos - without the risk of sticking - of the pin stock cards installed on the hive. They are easily identifiable by indicating the hive number on the pin-stock card and the digital time stamp.
Dimensions (height/width/thickness): 11.9cm / 19.6cm / 1cm
Material: Hard foam board (UV resistant up to 4 years)

Scope of delivery: pin stock card, 2 fixing screws, 15 pins
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Really innovative and very well made. These cards are a centimeter thick and very robust. At the same time though the material is surprisingly easy to push pins into. Right now, (January,) my Pin Stock Cards are sitting on the side waiting for the new beekeeping season to start. I'm really looking forward to trying them and have no doubts that they will work as intended.

Alan Poile
Great Idea

Having purchased 6 i have only put one into use at the moment, very straight forward to use and saves time of looking for pen and paper to make notes of the health of the hive

Patti Taylor

I haven't received them as yet but we are looking forward to them 🍯

Andrew Perry
Andrew P

Well made and solid. Easy to hang and a plethora of pins! Yet to use but first inspections due this weekend. Seem definitely better than scrappy paper when I’ve forgotten my own. Just photo each week for records!