Pin Stick Map

The coolest way to document your bee colony.

Keep track of the health of your bee colony with time-saving, uncomplicated documentation, without having honey and propolis glued to your cell phone or note.

Die Dokumentation eines Bienenvolkes mit der Pin-Stock-Karte

  • clear

    Recognize the condition at a glance, react faster to the behavior of your bee colony.

  • time saving

    You only have to take action when there are changes. Get a direct overview of the improvement/deterioration of the last documentation.

  • Thorough

    Capture all relevant criteria. These were coordinated with numerous beekeepers throughout Germany.

  • Adhesive hands safe

    Easily manage your documentation even with sticky hands.

  • self-cleaning

    Every time it rains, honey, pollen or dirt is washed off the surface of the pin stock map.

  • Digital Detox

    Allows you to consciously enjoy time in nature with your bees without being distracted by digital media.