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GbR Marco Ringel, Christoph Ludwig

Pin-Stock-Card (english) incl. pins and screws

Pin-Stock-Card (english) incl. pins and screws

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Welcome to Stock-Karte.de – Your partner for efficient beekeeping!

Discover the future of beekeeping with the Pin-Stock-Karte (PSK) – the smartest way to document a bee colony.

Why the Pin-Stock-Karte?

Never again have problems with honey-sticky hands and paper, or a propolis-smudged smartphone! The PSK enables smooth documentation, even with sticky hands and thick gloves.

How is the PSK used?

The Pin-Stock-Karte (PSK) is easy to handle and seamlessly integrates into your beekeeping routine. Easily attach the PSK with the supplied screws to the outside of your beehive and use the 15 pins to document the colony on the clear scales. During each inspection, place the pins in the corresponding fields of the card, thus documenting the most important aspects of your bee colonies. Thanks to the clear layout and intuitive design of the PSK, you always keep an eye on the condition of your bees and can react quickly if necessary. The PSK allows you to organize your beekeeping effectively while capturing all relevant data to maximize the health and productivity of your bee colonies. You keep an eye on all breeding criteria and immediately recognize which colony is in a swarming mood.

The PSK is now digital - with the "PSK Beekeeping" app

You can now easily scan your PSK and the app will do the rest for you. With the digital recording of the pin location, you can create a complete history in no time at all. You can also quickly add notes to each review and even export your data as an Excel file. Get the app now in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and optimize your beekeeping today!

What makes the PSK special?

The PSK is not only easy to use, but also weather and UV resistant. Even with thick gloves, you can easily use it to care for and document your bee colonies.

Who is the PSK suitable for?

The PSK is aimed at all beekeepers who value efficient beekeeping. Whether you are a hobby beekeeper or a professional operation, the PSK is your reliable companion for caring for your bee colonies.

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About us:

Behind Stock-Karte.de are Marco Ringel (biology and music teacher) and Christoph Ludwig (master carpenter), two hobby beekeepers with a common vision: to improve beekeeping through innovative solutions. Marco and Christoph had a problem to solve. They were tired of documenting with honey-sticky hands. After only a few weeks, the paper hive book was no longer usable because the pages were stuck together. They also didn't want to use their phone because they had to search for it in their pocket first, and the screen quickly became sticky. Nothing was satisfying. That's why they looked for a solution.

Their experiences as hobby beekeepers and their personal challenges in beekeeping motivated them to search for a better solution. Thus was born the idea of the Pin-Stock-Karte (PSK), a product that revolutionizes beekeeping and makes documenting bee colonies simpler and more efficient.

Ready for the next step?

Order your Pin-Stock-Karte now and experience the future of beekeeping!

Dimensions (height/width/thickness): 11.9 cm / 19.6 cm / 1 cm

Material: Hard foam board (up to 4 years UV resistant in full sun)

Scope of delivery: Pin-Stock-Karte, 2 mounting screws, 15 pins

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Really innovative and very well made. These cards are a centimeter thick and very robust. At the same time though the material is surprisingly easy to push pins into. Right now, (January,) my Pin Stock Cards are sitting on the side waiting for the new beekeeping season to start. I'm really looking forward to trying them and have no doubts that they will work as intended.

Alan Poile
Great Idea

Having purchased 6 i have only put one into use at the moment, very straight forward to use and saves time of looking for pen and paper to make notes of the health of the hive

Patti Taylor

I haven't received them as yet but we are looking forward to them 🍯

Andrew Perry
Andrew P

Well made and solid. Easy to hang and a plethora of pins! Yet to use but first inspections due this weekend. Seem definitely better than scrappy paper when I’ve forgotten my own. Just photo each week for records!